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The most common questions regarding backlink development

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

How long will backlinking take to see results?

It's hard to predict, especially when there are so many different toxicity levels of backlinking results. However, Google has to re-rank your results, and for anyone who doesn't know how to issue a re-crawl from Google, it depends on when the bots recrawl your site, as well as whether the content provided is great content.

Typically, with a great SEO outreach program, and great content, you can start seeing results in 3-6 months.

Is it hard to backlink?

Yes and no. Yes, because backlinking requires a lot of time, effort, and rejection. When it comes to Google's black and white hat SEO techniques, certain things are not allowed - which can make it more difficult - but it make sense in the very end. Typically, the black hat SEO techniques manipulate SERP results, but don't really add any value to the user. That's why Google frowns on them.

What are black hat SEO techniques?

The best resources is Google itself, within their community webmaster guidelines, they can help you understand what exactly they're looking for, as well as exactly what they're not looking for. One great example is swapping links. If Google finds out that you're swapping links with another site, effectively calling or email them and offering to do so, then they will ban you from their SERP.

If you're trying to rank within other search engines like Bing or Baidu, they certainly have different techniques and you may want to look at them as well.

Why should I hire someone to do backlinking outreach?

Backlinking outreach takes a lot of time to complete. Having a trained professional, that knows the community guidelines in and out, can not only keep you from crossing the line with Google, but can also help you understand what kind of content is going to rank. They can also help give you direction in your content, how to do your keyword research, or even plan your content to increase your chances of success.

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